Dog Training

At Colby Kennels we teach you to train your dog with positive, gentle methods. A portion of our lessons is devoted to socialization, an extremely important aspect of teaching dogs to be confident when they are in the company of other people and other dogs.

Group and private lessons are both available. Group classes are held in our indoor training facility, and are limited to 6-8 dogs. Private lessons can be scheduled in the training room here or at your home, depending on your dog's needs.

Dogs being walked at dog kennels care in Vails Gate, NY

Training class levels

Puppy Class:
For puppies under 5 months of age. Puppies learn basic commands, learning games, and lots of socialization. Owners begin to develop a special relationship with their pet and learn to avoid common pet parent mistakes.
(Prerequisite: None)

For dogs over 5 months of age. Sit, Down, Stay, Come, not to pull on leash, jump inhibition, and more.

Refinement of the above, plus additional commands. We will also provide an evaluator approved by the AKC to perform testing for the Canine Good Citizen test at the end of the course. 
(Prerequisite: CK Beginner class or equivalent)

Daycare Training:
While enjoying the benefits of doggie daycare your dog will be given 5 training sessions learning basic obedience commands (sit, wait, watch, down, leave it, and off). The trainer and owner will then meet for a lesson on what the dog has learned. Owner MUST commit to two to three days per week.